Was the First Product Launch on Google+ a Big Snooze or Brilliant Marketing Ploy?

On January 11th, Cadbury became the first brand to launch a new product via the Google social networking platform Google +. Aside from being the first company to utilize Google+ as a venue for launching their product – the new product launch was met with very little fan fair – and focused more on the use of Google+ rather than the new candy bar itself.

Brands are no stranger to launching their products via social platforms. When done properly it can yield incredible results and generate sales. In comparison to other brands who have pioneered using social media to launch a product, it doesn’t seem Cadbury put much thought put behind the launch – except for posting a photo for all 2,200 of the Cadbury fans to see. Although the company tweeted out the image, they chose not to tap into its most active social community on Facebook. The approach is vastly different from Ford, who in 2010 Ford launched its 2011 Explorer to the brands Facebook page. After all was said and done it was determined that the Ford Explorer launch on Facebook was more effective than a Super Bowl ad!

Yet word of the “first brand to launch using Google+” spread across publications of all varieties – from Mashable to CandyIndustry.com – like wild fire! So was it a brilliant marketing move by Cadbury? A candy bar is a candy bar – and most are launched with very little mainstream press. By positioning themselves as the FIRST brand to make the move to launching a product on Google+, Cadbury made its new candy bar news. Will we remember the name of the candy bar tomorrow? Probably not (in fact I already forgot it). Will the marketing world remember the name of the brand that was a trailblazer on a new social media platform? Definitely.


About Kristen Massaro

Kristen is the VP of social media for Emanate PR. You can follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/kreebeau
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