Effective Video Strategies

With the rapid proliferation of digital devices, consumers have drastically changed how they view content whether at home, at work or on the go.  Video has quickly emerged as a dominant communication channel – one that brands can not only use to reach their target audience directly but also influence and drive their behavior.  According to a recent study by comScore and Expo, while professionally-produced videos can be effective, they are even more potent when used in combination with  authentic, user-generated videos.  The study examined a campaign that used both in tandem and found that the result was a higher level sales and satisfaction.

To understand why the combination is so successful, consider what each video aims to achieve.  The branded video conveys key messages – the product benefits as the company would have the consumer believe.  The customer testimonial brings those benefits to life by providing an emotional connection and authenticity that reinforces the reasons to believe.  As a result, consumers feel more confident in their product choice and view the brand overall more favorably.  Furthermore, they are more likely to make additional purchases and recommendations.

These findings underscore what it takes for any video campaign to succeed.  First, your content must engage the audience, fulfilling a need or purpose in their life.  Second, you must communicate in a way that resonates, delivering a clear message that is in a language – and voice – the consumer understands.  Third, your video needs to have weight, influencing perceptions of the brand and driving behavior.  Finally, you need a roadmap for distribution, fundamentally understanding what outlets your audience consumers, how often, when and how to get there.   By understanding the audience on a deep level, marketers can implement a video strategy with content that is most relevant to their audience.


About Barrie Rosen

I'm a vice president, working in Emanate's New York office. I specialize in content and story development, messaging and media strategy. In my former life, I was a tv news producer.
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