Mobile’s Growing Influence Spotlights the Personalization of Technology

The personalization of technology isn’t a new concept, but the pace at which we’re seeing more technology products and services touching more parts of our personal lives is clearly accelerating.

And nowhere is this more evident than with wireless technologies. Some of us can recall a time when mobile phones were a luxury available to a select few business people. Still more may remember when these devices were used to simply make calls!

The August 27 issue of Time magazine – “The Wireless Issue” – spotlights how dramatically wireless technology impacts our lives today, with a report on “10 ways your phone is changing the world.”

Articles focus on how mobile technology is used around elections to register voters and text donations; using mobile technology to support charities and social change; and going mobile to make payments and purchases.

Further, a poll drills down into the role of wireless technology in our lives – where we keep our phones while sleeping (the overwhelming majority keep them right next to the bed); how often we check our devices (38% do this several times a day); and how long we can go without our devices (the majority can only stand the separation for a few hours).

This isn’t news to those of us who have worked with mobile technology companies. One of our clients – Acision, the leading provider of mobile messaging technology – earlier this year released its own report on the “psychology of SMS” that asked (and answered) the question: why do we love to text?

These examples just scratch the surface of research and reporting that was done on mobile’s influence on our lives. Taken as a whole, they offer a compelling look at the personalization of technology – a trend we can expect won’t slow any time soon.


About Tony Sapienza

I’m Managing Director for Technology at Emanate, working with a wide variety of tech clients and overseeing the team in the agency’s Boston area office. Outside of work, I enjoy following all the Boston sports teams, with the exception of the Red Sox; I’m a longtime Yankee fan, which hasn’t made me many friends in these parts.
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