More Signs of the Changing Face of Public Relations


It’s obvious to anyone who practices public relations today that the definition of our profession is evolving and expanding dramatically.  One need only consider the topics for events planned by the PRSA chapter in Boston — crisis communications, SEO, social media and integrated marketing communications are just some of the topics the group is spotlighting in sessions this year.

Recently, the Emanate office in Boston hosted a PRSA meeting on crisis communications around Superstorm Sandy, and on March 5, we’ll host and moderate a session on integrated marketing communications. At the crisis communications meeting, we discussed media relations around the October 2012 hurricane that devastated parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, but much of the focus was on the role of social media and how PR practitioners worked with public officials, community leaders and other influencers to establish clear communication with the public. And when we turn our attention to integrated marketing communications next month, we’ll hear how B2B firms like Red Bend Software and B2C companies like JetBlue and Flip Key are using multifaceted programs to energize their brands.

At Emanate, we’re passionate about this focus on integrated marketing. (Just check out our Relevance Marketing approach) We hope those of you in Boston will join us on March 5 to hear more about changing the face of public relations. And if you can’t be there, simply watch this space for more examples of the new and exciting ways PR is evolving…or better yet, share your own experiences with us.


About Tony Sapienza

I’m Managing Director for Technology at Emanate, working with a wide variety of tech clients and overseeing the team in the agency’s Boston area office. Outside of work, I enjoy following all the Boston sports teams, with the exception of the Red Sox; I’m a longtime Yankee fan, which hasn’t made me many friends in these parts.
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