Please Don’t Call Me Mommy

Yes, I am a blogger. And yes, I am a mother. And yes, I occasionally blog about my children. But please don’t call me a mommy blogger.

Many mothers who blog find the term “mommy blogger” insulting and too familiar. Mommy is a term of endearment. It’s personal. If I didn’t give birth to you then why would you call me mommy? I bet you can count on no more than one finger the number of people you’d refer to as Daddy. Why should mommy be any different?

Besides, what is a mommy blogger? A food blogger writes about food. A fashion blogger writes about fashion. A political blogger writes about politics. The writer you’ve been referring to as a mommy blogger probably doesn’t post about mommies.

Sometimes labels are helpful; I understand that. There is a legion of mothers blogging and they wield a tremendous amount of influence. But too often marketers are quick to lump female bloggers into one “mommy blogger” category. Women with children are blogging about much more than diapers. They’re blogging about politics, policy, food, health, the environment, sports, religion and a host of other topics.

Bloggers are an important gateway to women – and men – with purchasing power. Marketers who fail to understand the blogging landscape will miss out on making this critical connection and will risk alienating a powerful online force. Remember, when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.


About Liz O'Donnell

I love to help people, and companies, tell their unique stories. When I’m not working on behalf of technology and consumer clients, you can find me on the web creating content and sharing my thoughts on blogs, Pinterest and Twitter.
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