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I'm a vice president in Emanate's New York office, and the editor-in-chief of The Emanation blog. I'll write about corporate reputation, corporate responsibility, crisis & issues management, and reference the occasional rap lyric. Any feedback on the blog? Please write me at

Don’t Chase Reputation Scores, Chase Stakeholder Understanding

  Another day, another list of the most reputable companies. That corporate reputation has claimed its place as a truly strategic asset is great. That more research and discipline is devoted to tracking and managing it is also heartening. Increasingly, … Continue reading

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CEOs Refocus on Staff in the Low Growth Economy

The following post comes from Mark Thompson, a new addition to the Emanation and the head of corporate in our London office.  New evidence of how corporations are coming to grips with the on-going challenge of slow economic growth holds … Continue reading

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Dispatch from Munich

I’ve been in our Munich office this week learning about my colleagues, the German market, and the work we are doing for our clients here. In addition to being welcoming and friendly, the team also happens to be very sharp … Continue reading

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Finding What Matters in CSR: A Long Way From Milton Friedman

In some corners of the corporate world, Milton Friedman’s declaration that corporate social responsibility is mere “hypocritical window-dressing” still echoes. But TIME, by way of Knowledge@Wharton, makes the case for why companies can no longer afford to ignore corporate social … Continue reading

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